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Why is Bitcoin still one of the stronger assets in the market? | Interview w/ Michaël van de Poppe

With all its recent price movements and volatility, is Bitcoin still one of the strongest assets on the market? This week on The Market Report, Michaël van de Poppe discusses the right time to invest in the metaverse, how to assess new coins to invest in, market cycles, and why this Bitcoin bull cycle still has a long way to go.

0:00 Intro
0:58 Do you think cryptocurrencies have received a negative connotation because of certain media coverage?
2:18 What does it take for you to recommend a coin currently in ATH? What indicators should one focus on?
4:10 What kind of routines do you go through when looking at and assessing new coins?
6:01 Was the Bitcoin ETF a disappointment in price action terms?
7:20 Do you think that we're going to start seeing longer cycles in the future?
8:49 What do you think changed after the China ban?
10:13 Do you still feel that Bitcoin is one of the strongest assets in the world?
11:47 Will $60K–$120K be faster than $30K–$60K?
12:41 Do you have multiple wallets? How do you manage your risk while being a full time trader?
14:16 Which coins are you watching closely at the moment?
16:14 Do you think we're going to get another 80% correction like we've seen before?

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The content of this show does not constitute financial advice.

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