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Windows Insider Bash bug is back after years of absence

The Windows Insider program has its enthusiasts and detractors, but the reality is that the program has its benefits. One of them is Bug Bash, a special event where insiders look for possible bugs in Windows 10. After a long time without such an event (two years) now it returns on May 17th to focus on looking for possible bugs in Windows 10.

Windows 10 Bash bug is back

Available from the following link, we will have a series of tasks to complete to get the medal for participating. In total, we have 18 tasks to complete at the moment, but Microsoft says they will be adding new tasks every day to keep working on different areas where they want to improve.

Hey #WindowsInsiders, some exciting news! ???? We have a new #BugBash for you from today until May 17th! Get closer to your next achievement badge by completing quests and posting your comments in the comments hub: https://t.co/xaYtqWMmaW. New quests will be released daily! pic.twitter.com/qpQboqpz6G

– Windows Insider (@windowsinsider) May 12, 2021

Now that the Windows Insider program versions are smaller in some ways, they want to perform these tasks. This increases engagement with the program and encourages Insiders to try out the latest versions and try out the new features available.

From Microsoft, they did not indicate which channel of the program they are referring to. But, we assume that we will be able to test different tasks in each of the branches. None of the tasks are linked to a specific version, which makes it easy to receive more information about the functions in question. A great opportunity to work on the continuous improvement of Windows 10 as an operating system.