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With A $20 Million Tron (TRX) BuyBack Plan, Bulls Are Vibrant

  • Tron (TRX) up 14.7 percent, may flip XLM

  • A $20 million TRX buyback could stir controversy

Buying back coins or tokens is a great way of supporting prices. Tron could do that. With a stellar dApp ecosystem, TRX investors shall benefit. At the time of press, the coin is 14.7 percent higher from last week’s close.

Tron Price Analysis


Given the substantial rise of Bitcoin (BTC), altcoins are following suit. Of the many coins that could secure a spot in the top 10, TRX is one. Registering a double-digit expansion in the last week, TRX is one of the top performers.

Behind the resurgence are bullish developments that could form the base of another wave lifting prices towards 10 cents or higher. Boasting a market cap of $2,567 million and changing hands at 3.8 cents at the time of press, TRX bulls are in the driving seat.

From candlestick arrangements and significant events, odds are TRX will likely print a new 2019 high by the close of the year. Behind this optimism is the unconfirmed plans of a $20 million TRX buyback plan.


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