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Michael Jackson studio demo to hit blockchain as ‘Digital Vinyl’

In a groundbreaking move, the first-ever studio recording of a young Michael Jackson, dating back to July 13, 1967, will see a global release on December 7, presented as “digital vinyl” through the blockchain music platform Anotherblock. The track, titled “Big Boy (One-Derful Version),” will be available for four days as both an open and a limited edition on Anotherblock’s platform.

Michael Jackson’s “Big Boy (One-Derful Version),” NFT Limited Edition version. Source: Anotherblock

This historic recording captures eight-year-old Michael Jackson, along with his brothers, during their inaugural studio session at One-Derful in Chicago. Recordpool, the owner of the recording, collaborated with Anotherblock, a Swedish blockchain-based music and royalty marketplace, to bring this rare gem to the digital forefront.

Anotherblock, which has previously collaborated with major artists like Rihanna, The Weeknd, and Justin Bieber, emphasizes the significance of releasing the demo as “digital vinyl” on the blockchain. Michel Traore, CEO and co-founder of Anotherblock, states that this format allows the creation of stories and communities around the music, elevating it beyond being a mere commodity. He sees this release as a way to shake up the digital ownership landscape in the music industry.

Katherine Jackson, Michael’s mother, expresses her excitement about the release, noting that the recordings of their musical heritage find a new rhythm for the digital age, proving that the Jacksons’ story, much like their music, remains timeless.

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